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We are a company specialized in electromechanical works in general and boilers of all kinds in particular We also have a strong team in various disciplines (mechanical- electrical)

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We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience in the industry.

The field of supplies, manufacturing, and workshops

Supplying all types of pipesmachines and equipment in the workshop ... work of cold and various welds (electricity, purple, carbon dioxide, etc.) For all types of metals ... This is done by qualified technicians with certified certificates and high experience And under the supervision of quality engineers who obtain welding and ore courses, boilers, steam and iron pipes Performing work on

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mechanics specialization

. We have a team of trained engineers who have the ability to innovate in the implementation methods according to the requirements of customers and the international and Egyptian codes, In different disciplines an example Acts of... - supplying and installed for pipelines in factories and implementing factory installations completely with various other accessories of different diameters and according to PID. - We supply, design and manufacture tanks of all types of metals according to the requirements of the code - Supplying and installing various fire fighting systems of all types and linking them with the required alarm systems according to the requirements of customers and the code. – -Installing central air conditioning systems, various connections, and refrigerators with different capacities - Supplying, designing and manufacturing heat exchangers of all kinds - Supply, bending and installation of all piping in water boilers such as (economizer, super heater , wall tubes, and heaters. And the refractory work inside the boilers ,riser tube ,dowencomer

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majoring in electrical and devices works

We have a strong team of engineers and technicians who have carried out many works in the field of strong electricity and automatic control works and work on modern control systems, including installations, programming, training and operation

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Civil specialization

We have engineers and technicians who are able to carry out and perform all types of civil and construction work

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office:-26 Elnaby danial street –Egypt station –Alexandria, Alexandria, , Egypt 21500 workshop:- Alexandria desert road kilo 36-entrance to industrial renaissance behind Alexandria petromaint maintenace.


033934125 FAX-034947081 mob-01208130030 technical office:_ 01276207445

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