mechanics specialization

mechanics specialization

. We have a team of trained engineers who have the ability to innovate in the implementation methods according to the requirements of customers and the international and Egyptian codes, In different disciplines an example Acts of... - supplying and installed for pipelines in factories and implementing factory installations completely with various other accessories of different diameters and according to PID. - We supply, design and manufacture tanks of all types of metals according to the requirements of the code - Supplying and installing various fire fighting systems of all types and linking them with the required alarm systems according to the requirements of customers and the code. – -Installing central air conditioning systems, various connections, and refrigerators with different capacities - Supplying, designing and manufacturing heat exchangers of all kinds - Supply, bending and installation of all piping in water boilers such as (economizer, super heater , wall tubes, and heaters. And the refractory work inside the boilers ,riser tube ,dowencomer

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